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C.F. Fork Manufacturing

Craig started building forks in his welding and repair shop 20 years ago for local salvage yards. Craig came up with the name C.F. Forks for 2 reasons Craig Ferguson or Custom Forks. Over years of manufacturing forks C.F. has improved its product with every set. Production has become more efficient with quality

C.F. offers many different styles of forks for the auto salvage and construction industries. C.F. Forks has sold over 1,000 sets of forks nationwide. C.F. can fit carriages to most all wheel loaders, 3 pin, 4 pin, and quick attach.

Car Crushing Forks

Car crushing forks are made of 15B37 with a yield of 120,000 max heat treated forged material:
Standard Lengths - 72" Long
Standard Thickness - 2 1/2"
Standard Width - 6"

Car Crushing Forks With Carriages

Standard outside to outside of tines is 60" which gives you a good carrying width for one car or bundles of cars.

Car Crushing Forks Pricing

Standard Forged Forks 60" Wide

Car Handling Forks:

Car handling forks are designed for handling cars lengthways or sideways. Made in lengths from 6 ' to 18 ' long. They are made of high tensile and T-1 steel. With our own design to make them a full taper, flat and wide, which minimizes body damage on cars.

Standard Lengths - 13 ', 14 ', and 15 '
For handling cars lengthways.
Standard Width - Outside to Outside 44"
Which gives you room to get in between any foreign or domestic cars.
Width of tines - 7" which minimizes body damage.
Thickness varies on length- Standard 14' fork at header starts at 5" thick to 1" with a full taper.

Forks have a special designed tip for easy access into cars and minimizes body damage.

Features - See Pictures

Car Handling Forks Pricing

Standard 44" Wide

ADD $425.00 For All Quick Attach Machines -Prices Subject To Change With Machine Specs and Sizes- Prices Do Not Include Freight

CF Fork Photos

C.F. Slider Forks

C.F. Slider Forks are built to be dependable, and easy to use. Our skilled fabricators can build nearly any style of quick attach to fit your machine, and because we also use high tensile, heavy duty steel when constructing our forks, you know you'll be using the same set for many years to come. These C.F. Slider forks come in 5', 6', or 8' lengths, with an 8' carriage, but can be built to other specifications if need be.

Standard Lengths - 5', 6', 8'
Standard Width - Outside to Outside of Carriage 96" (8')
Tine Dimensions - 6" Wide, 2 1/2" Deep

C.F Slider Forks Pricing

Standard 96" Wide

ADD $425.00 For All Quick Attach Machines - Prices Subject To Change With Machine Specs and Sizes - Prices Do Not Include Freight

Slider Forks Photos